Do I need counselling and what happens in counselling?

Do you need counselling? Well this is your choice.    Sometimes you may not feel right or an event may have happened in your life and    you are finding it hard to move forward, you may suffer with a mental health problem, you may be grieving, you may have problems and you may just want to learn more about yourself or develop coping skills. Whichever you have    to  consider whether counselling will be beneficial  to you . I am bias  of course, because    I believe all need to offload and we  would all benefit    from counselling in todays fast moving world.   Whatever your   experiences,   it is your decision  . 

If you have clicked on this page for you or somebody else i hope  that your choice is the right one.



What happens in counselling?

You come to a quite place where we are undisturbed. Everything you say is confidential  and you are not forced into unravelling anything that you do not wish to  of course.  You just have to tell me what you would like to. The main thing is that you feel comfortable safe and in the knowledge  that I am non judgemental   and offer the person centred      approach   to create a working relationship    with you. 

If you feel that counselling is not for you, thats fine, you do not have to continue  but its a step forward to getting the support you need. 

Counselling usually lasts  for 1 hour  . All counsellors  work uniquely and  usually follow different modalities .  I  am trained in Humanistic   counselling and integrate all different models depending on your needs, a tailor made psychotherapy!